The Culturetest: a practical tool based on the Dingemans & Janssen model of cultural differences

George Bernard Shaw once said, "The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."

We often think that our communication is crystal-clear and obvious. We assume that others share our values and communication styles. However, this is rarely the case.
People are fundamentally different in their assumption on what is "normal" communication and what people should believe in.

This is the main reason why people experience communication problems every day, in personal and professional life, and have no idea where these problems originate. After all, if we all behave normal, there shouldn’t be any problems, right?

The Culturetest is designed to tackle this very problem. By identifying cultural differences in communication styles and values, we help people become aware of how they and others communicate. The Culturetest also provides practical advice on how to adapt to other people’s communication styles.

Since 2019, the Culturetest has aided professionals, teams, students and organizations in understanding their unique communication styles and, in turn, understanding how others communicate.

Discover your personal cultural profile

The Culturetest is a series of questions, designed to measure your cultural personality. After completing the assessment, you have an overview of your communication styles and values. You can see how this profile compares to the standard profile of people from different countries and what the similarities and differences are between you and your team members.

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Working effectively with colleagues from other cultures

Once you've explored your personal culturele profile, you can compare your profile to those of your team members. You can also compare your profile with the profile of any country you're interested in and discover where you should expect challenges if you're going to live or work in, or visit a particular country. Maybe you realize you have many similarities although you've never been!

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Discover the strengths of your team

Do you know how to combine the strengths of your team members to optimize their output? Our experienced trainers analyse the profiles of your team members and consult you in creating an organizational culture which celebrates diversity and the diverse communication styles and values of the team members are used to improve the work your organization does.

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