About the model

The Dingemans & Janssen model is a comprehensive framework for understanding and navigating cultural differences. Grounded in scientific consensus from 50 years of intercultural studies, the model categorizes cultures into Task-oriented, Relationship-oriented, and Purpose-oriented types, each with distinct communication styles and values.

It comprises 16 cultural aspects, addressing the shortcomings of earlier research by providing practical guidance for cross-cultural communication. The model, anchored in the understanding of visible and invisible aspects of culture, incorporates communication styles as the visible layer and values as the driving force. While using a ternary answering format, cultural profiles for countries are created. It is emphasized that these are oversimplified and caution should be exercised in their use.

The model's sub-variables are operationalized into the Culturetest, used by companies and educational institutions, enhancing communication and understanding across diverse cultures. More information can be found on the website of Emergence Global, research institute for interculturality.