About the model


The Culturetest is a tool based on the Dingemans & Janssen model of cultural differences. 

This model is a conceptual development based on the works of Geert Hofstede, Fons Trompenaars, Edward & Mildred Hall and Clyde & Florence Kluckhohn and Fred Strodtbeck.

This Culturetest measures your cultural profile according to the model of Dingemans & Janssen, and is visualized - in a triangle - as a mix of three cultural types; Task orientation; Relationship orientation; and Purpose orientation. A triangle was chosen to avoid the perception that one type is the 'desirable' outcome, where with a scale is sometimes the case.  

The Dingemans & Janssen model of cultural differences measures these three cultural types in 16 aspects of culture, divided into four blocks, ranging from visible communication styles, via hidden communication styles, via professional values to basic values.

For more information on the scientific research on cultural differences, visit the Emergence Global Research Institute