About Culturetest

Culturetest is the practical application of the Dingemans & Janssen model of cultural differences. The test consists of 64 questions with three possible answers for each question and 1-16 control questions with two possible answers.  These answers correspond with the culture types of the LMR triangle of Lewis. 

From the answers we will calculate a personal cultural profile for each participant. This profile gives an outcome on 16 communications styles and values of culture. It shows the individual’s cultural orientation on three cultural types (LMR of the Lewis Model) on the levels of communication style – these are visible expressions of culture; professional values – this is how one approaches work; and finally their basic values which are at the very core of a person’s decision-making strategies. With several thousand possible outcomes, this profile is pretty unique.

Once a participant has completed the test you will have access to a downloadable report with your results, and you’ll have access to a dashboard with six applications to further explore your profile and how it fits in with national cultures, cultural profiles and your team members.

All test results are anonymized and the data is used to validate the theoretical foundations of the Dingemans & Janssen model on a statistical level.